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We believe that our future generation is in dire need of good fresh healthy food. We care for you, the hard working parents searching for healthy alternatives for their families. 

Continuing Ahead …

Today, we may have grown in number but our passion remains the same…. 

We Thank You so much for leaving us comments and spreading the word. Without your help, improving our product would have been almost impossible. We are always eager to hear from you….Do tell us know what you think about us …

      GFoodz Team

About Me(Sonali) ....

Hi! I am Sonali. I am jack of many trades and a master of none, but in these modern times it’s the best approach, than to be a master of one…..

Being an innovative entrepreneur, a wife, mom of two teenagers, health fanatic, fitness freak, keen organizer, passionate and spiritual person, I am continuously exploring, implementing, and practicing new techniques to make life easier, happier, and enjoyable.
I am a computer engineer by profession, but my passion for health and nutrition made me venture into Food and Nutrition.
While I was completing my computer degree with our two kids, my husband and I realized that it is extremely difficult to eat and feed healthy food for working parents. I studied Nutrition and Dietetics, to learn more and spread the word about eating nutritious and staying healthy. Especially, for busy working parents who want to give the best to their families.


I have two incredible dreams that I am determined to fulfill:

The first is to create a huge difference in the world of food and nutrition by providing healthy, nutritious and delicious food alternatives. 

The second is to meet the stunning… Oprah Winfrey!! (who wouldn’t dream of meeting Oprah)….