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About GFoodZ

Why GFoodZ

We believe healthy eating is an extremely crucial aspect of life. Every person has the right to obtain nourishing food. We decided to create a company with a product line where customers never have to give a second thought. Our Brand should say it all.

Our principle is to provide solutions to problems involving food and nutrition. We are clearly aware of the fact that our people do not get enough intake of vegetables and fruits. Our products are made in such a way that vegetables are camouflaged in the food items without altering the original flavor. We are striving to provide the best food options, where you don’t have to worry about chemicals in your food.

Some 795 million people in the world… That’s one in nine people on this planet who do not have enough food to eat. Poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of death in children under five every year. We want to produce and donate nutritious healthy food to as many individuals as possible.

We are extremely proud of the fact that we are able to donate a lot of food. Every Wrap packet you buy, we donate a wrap to a person in need… Yes, We make donations to the soup kitchen on a regular basis.

We have huge plans but starting small…. one wrap at a time keeps us determined to create a change and make this planet happiest place for all.

Meet Our Team

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

Sonali Surve

Chief Food Officer

I am a very happy and compassionate person. My motto in life is every problem is a hidden opportunity. So according to me, nothing is impossible. I believe if your intentions are clear and you have firm faith, Universe will help you achieve whatever you wish for.

I am definitely a jack of many trades and a master of none, but in these modern times it’s the best approach than to be a master of one….. isn’t it!

Being an innovative entrepreneur, a wife, mom of two teenagers, health fanatic, fitness freak, keen organizer, passionate and spiritual person, I am continuously exploring, implementing, and practicing new techniques to make life easier, happier, and enjoyable.

I have two incredible dreams that I am determined to fulfill: The first is to create a huge difference in the world of food and nutrition by providing healthy, nutritious and delicious food alternatives…. donating a lot of food to all the people in need.

The second is to meet the stunning… Oprah Winfrey!! (who wouldn’t dream of meeting Oprah)…


Sales Associate

K arina is a very compassionate person making most of all the opportunities. She is passionate about clean healthy food, yoga and belly dancing. Her motto in life comes from her loving mom who once told her “if you want people to clap at you one day, you have to start clapping for them first ”. Her hobbies include finding new vegan recipes, skating, recycling clothes, making jewelry, going to a beach and painting. Her goals in life are to grow as a human being and serve the community with her special talents. She enjoys making people feel special and like to help them to be their best. 


Sales Associate

M addy is a fitness professional and a personal trainer. Her passion is to make others stronger through fitness and nutrition. Her motto in life is to never give up. Her hobbies include weight lifting and creative writing. 
Her goals in life are to succeed in powerlifting competition and to spread healthy athletic lifestyle to other people.


Sales Associate

E ric is an aspiring entrepreneur with many creative ideas and a passion to help many people. His hobbies include all outdoor activities including basketball and working out. Currently, he is obtaining his master’s degree at FAU 
His Goals are becoming financially stable, support and raise a wonderful family; work hard to achieve his dreams and live life through daily sacrifice, focus, and good morals. 


Sales Associate

A very enthusiastic, aspiring singer and model and passionate vegan who is very convincing and loving


Vegan Chef

A20+ year vegan staunch chef who is always creating new and innovating dishes is part of our team and we are very proud to use his expertise.


O Our young supporters Om, Rohan, Devon, Akanksha, Ayana, and Ysel

Our young supporters who love volunteering at our booth and enjoying eating the food more than selling

Our volunteers

Coco & Ginger

HR Team.


They keep us truthful!