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July 21, 2017


Green Wrap Recipe

Nutty pesto, delicious sprout, crunchy cucumber and rich avocado in a whole wheat avocado wraps giving you extra dose of healthy avocado. Enjoy!!

Prep time
 5 Mins
Cook time 10 Mins
Total time 15 Mins
Serves 2



  • 4 whole wheat avocado Wrap it wraps 
  • 1/3 cup pesto sauce.
  • 1 cucumber 
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • ½ cup Alfalfa sprouts. (one 4oz box of alfalfa sprouts)



  1. Peel the cucumber and slice it in thin slices.
  2. With a large, sharp knife, cut the avocado lengthwise around the seed. Open the two halves to expose the pit. The pit can easily be removed by very carefully and gently inserting the point of your knife into the surface of the seed, then lifting it out.
  3. Cut the avocado into chunks by slicing vertically and then remove the skin.
  4. Heat a large skillet/grilling pan on medium heat. Place a wrap on the pan, apply little oil on both sides and cook for a minute, flipping with a spatula until the wrap is hot.
  5. Spread a thin layer of pesto sauce on the wrap.
  6. Arrange the cucumber slices in middle of the wrap.
  7. Add avocado slices to it.
  8. Spread sprouts on these veges.
  9. Fold the wrap as shown. Enjoy.


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